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Russian Olive Tree

100% amaranth oil

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About US

LLC "Russian Olive" was established in June 2005 in Voronezh. It is engaged in the development of technologies for the production of functional vegetable oils, the study of medical and nutritional properties of products from new promising plants, the cultivation of amaranth and its deep processing. We produce and sell amaranth seeds, as well as amaranth processing products - amaranth oil, amaranth flour and amaranth cake.

Petrov Sergey Viktorovich
General manager

More than 15 years on the market

"Russian Olive" was established in June 2005. Over the past decade and a half, the company has developed and implemented complex technologies for the production and processing of amaranth. For the first time, amaranth oil, which is a source of a valuable biologically active compound — squalene, and amaranth flour were obtained by pressing. To date, the company's products have gained well-deserved fame and popularity, moreover, they have become steadily associated with the highest quality healthy food products and are in demand both in Russia and in international markets.

Quality control

Russian Russian Olive is a full-cycle enterprise, which means that Russian Olive monitors compliance with the technological process of growing amaranth from sowing seeds to harvesting and then-until the finished products are obtained . The company ensures control over each batch of goods produced. Russian Olive amaranth oil has passed clinical trials and is recommended by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) as a rich source of Squalene, Vitamin E, polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, phospholipids and other biologically active compounds (Protocol No. 10 of 25.11.2005).

100% natural raw materials without GMOs

For the production of amaranth oil, Russian Olive uses its own bred variety of amaranth with an increased content of useful elements.

In 2009, Russian Olive received patents for breeding achievements for 2 varieties of amaranth "Voronezh" and "Giant". "Voronezhsky" is one of the most precocious varieties among the world collection of amaranth. The growing season is up to 100 days. This allows you to cultivate amaranth from the south of the Volgograd region to the Altai Territory.

Unique technologies

Among the innovative developments, "Russian Olive" is a press (by the first pressing method) method for producing amaranth oil, which is unique in its nutritional and pharmacological properties. The original technologies for the production of butter, flour and amaranth cake are confirmed by patents of the Russian Federation.

According to its technological level, the volume of growing and processing of amaranth and the quality of its products, the company is the undisputed all-Russian leader.

Russian Oliva is also a recognized scientific and organizational center, directing and coordinating the work of a number of other research and production teams interested in studying and promoting amaranth and products created on its basis.

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